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Summer of 2006


July brought us a heatwave in which 1000 more people died than normal for that month. The normal number of deaths in July is 2500 and this year the average was 2730 per week. The Dutch are just not prepared for this long of a heat wave and air conditioning is hard to find here.

This has been the wettest August in Holland in the last 100 years. We got 185 mm of wet stuff, beating the old record of 152mm if Aug of 1969. The average is 62mm.

Seldom has the summer seen such different weather conditions. June and July were sunny, dry and warm. Aug was cool, somber, and wet. The summer ends with average temperatures of 18,4 degrees and in third place as the warmest since 1901. The summers of 1947 (18,7 degrees) and the summer of 2003 (18,6 degrees) were warmer.

Source Rrl news and weather.


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