Health Insurance


Monday January 2, 2006

The end of last year I brought around flyers; 700 of them, to homes in our neighborhood to stop the implementation of the new insurance for Jan 2006.

Well, we are here now and the new premiums are in affect. Last year we paid 111 Euros ($152.) and now we are paying 228 Euros ($314.00). Per months that is….

The government is handing out funds according to what people make to a maximum of (somewhere around) 70 Euros and we are getting back 60 per month.

It is starting to look more like the states here every day. Image

Added Jan 6/06
So to continue this story as it unfolds.. We lowered some of our coverage on extended insurance and dropped our premiums by 24 Euros a month. As promised by the government, Johan’s pay went up; by about 50 Euros a month.

Because we lowered our coverage of dental and ‘alternative’ medicines we are ahead by 20 Euros a month. This amount is calculated using the new premiums for adjusted coverage, the monthly subsidy and the new wages.

Only concern now is that the government can decide to cancel the subsidy at any time and we are still responsible for our health premiums. Image

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