Sex Industry in Amsterdam

Red Light

The licenses of 33 sex businesses are being revoked and they must all be shut down by the end of this year.

They are being revoked to overcome the appearance that government encourages criminal activities by giving licenses and subsidies.

My understanding is that the sex industry is often used for white washing monies. Monies brought to the bank have to look like reasonable amounts for the business and services provided.

Hotels, restaurants, cafes and sex theatres will all be inspected and controlled. By the end of next year the whole prostitution industry in Amsterdam will have been gone through with a fine tooth comb.

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  1. Curious. That was something that stunned me regarding Amsterdam, and it became a landmark in your country. The oldest profession in the world is meeting with obstacles, but I am sure it will resurge someway in the not too distant future. There are things you cannot stop happening.

  2. lpaula said

    I think they handle it well here in The Netherlands and feel it is better to have it in sight and controlled than it is to have it underground. The issue here is the white washing of drug and other criminal monies.

    We have systems in place for women who wish to get out of the business and I believe a hotline for people to call if they feel a women is in the business against her will.

  3. Jermaine said

    Americans finally realize the try-before-you-buy works just as well with sex as it does with commodities. Rather than marrying and then shacking up with hot sex coming after the nuptuals, Americans are increasingly putting out before putting on the wedding rings.Women are just as likely as men to get it on before matrimony.
    I think this is just the sign of the times. I mean, we like to test things, try them out, before making a purchase. Why should sex and marriage be any different? The stigma associated with pre-marital sex is dead. Long live free love!

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