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Ruddie Van de Laar

I have to make an emergency trip to Canada, leaving today and will be back on Jan 6th. My ex-husband passed away suddenly.

If you would like to read a bit about the life of Ruddie, click here.

Obituary for Ruddie Van De Laar

Obituary for Ruddie Van De Laar

VAN DE LAAR, Ruddie – (Operations Mgr. R.J.C. Connections Transportation Service Inc.) – Suddenly at his home on Tuesday, December 19, 2006 in his 57th year. Ruddie loving father of Dawn-Marie Pielak (Chris) and Chris. Adoring grandfather of Zavier. Dear brother of Adrian (Janet), Anna Thew (Doug), Joanne Bertram (Jim) and John (Karen). Sadly missed by his nieces and nephews, Tayte, Chase, Jayda, Darryl, Dennis, Matthew, Andrew, Connor, Courtney, Aaron and Alex. Friends may call at the SCOTT FUNERAL HOME, 264 Burton Ave. (between Essa Rd & Huronia Rd.) Barrie, on Friday from 2 – 4 & 7 – 9 p.m. Service in the chapel on Saturday December 23rd at 11:00 a.m. Cremation. If so desired donations to a charity of your choice would be appreciated.


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Coalition Negotiations


Looks like the CDA, PvdA and the CU are going to be talking to see if they can form a coalition.

Wouter Bos of the Labour Party (PvdA) states that there will need to be changes in the Christian Democrats way before a government can be formed. Discussions and concessions will need to be made in the health industry, the difference between rich and poor and the immigration and asylum seekers policy.

If the coalition can be formed remains to be seen. He states the differences with the Christian Union also remain huge. Subjects such as homo marriage, abortion and euthanasia. Bos states the Dutch legislation in these areas were a big achievement.

Andre Rouvoet of the Christian Union is pleased that all parties involved want to negotiate. That means to him that problem areas may be solved among them. (RTL)


Though I really like Andre Rouvoet and he is great to have on your side in a debate because of his abilities, I find it scary that any of the laws fought for would be turned back in any way. Laws concerning our own rights over our bodies such as abortion, our choice of when and how we wish to die when we are terminally sick and homo marriages.

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European Constitution

European Con

We had a vote in The Netherlands on June 1st 2005 on whether we wanted to accept the European Constitution. The results came back at 62% against. A recent poll by Maurice de Hond shows that we still feel the same, 2% higher (64%) than the results of the vote in 2005.

The EU does there own polls and one of the questions is “According to what you know now, would you say that you are in favour of the European Constitution?” In France where they also apposed it in 2005, the results to this question was 56% and in the Netherlands it was 59%.

Jan Marijnissen of the SP wonders if this is the reason other countries in the EU do not take the French and The Netherlands “no” seriously.(SP)

For further reading about the results of the referendum held in 2005, please refer to the Netherlands Government Information Service.


I have to say that the debates around this issue got me interested in politics. Harry van Bommel of the Socialist Party and André Rouvoet of the Christian Union where a joy to watch in the debates and I believe it is thanks to them that the vote was so high against.

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Clarification re: Kandahar


The Socialist Party and the Green Party are going to be asking for clarification from Minister Kamp, Minister of Defense about the NAVO operation in south Afghanistan in the province of Kandahar. The Netherlands are to not only grant air support but also ground support. The SP is against this and the Green Party states this is a modification of what our troops were sent there for – to help build up the province.

SP cabinet member Harry van Bommel feels that Kamp is going further into the ‘dirty’ war in Afghanistan. Just as the SP, the Green Party wants clarification fast. (


I remember when the House was debating about sending troops over there. The only party that stands out in my mind where D-66 and they kept saying there is no way building up of anything could be done because as soon as you build – for an example a school, it will be destroyed the next day by the Taliban. D-66 did their own studies right when this topic came up. They took a stand much to the distress of the right wing parties who felt they should have waited to make any decisions till the end of the House debate and till all the reports were in and all sides had been listened to.

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Dangerous Marijuana




The police in the Trimbos-institute have great concerns about the products that are added to marijuana during production. They have found steel particles, glass and baking powder.

The purpose is to make the product look better and foremost to give it more weight. This has always been done but now they are using more dangerous products.

The first cases of victims have been reported and the institute is doing an investigation.(RTL)

Owners of coffee shops are aware of how to test marijuana for these dangerous products.

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Health Insurance 2007 (continued)


As mentioned in a previous post, our health insurance is going up from 204.00 to 227.00 euros a month. A 23.00 euro increase for the same coverage as last year.

We just got notification that our allowance is going up from 60.00 to 65.00 a month for 2007.

That leaves us with a difference of 18.00 euros …. I wonder where they expect people to make up that difference with staples such as heat and hydro also going up by 6%. 😐

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Health Care the Dutch Way


The inspector of the Dutch health care warns for too much competition in the health care system. Competition with prices is a bad development and according to the inspector five times this year eye surgeries have gone wrong. Because hospitals want work done cheaper, in some cases out of date equipment is used for the operations. Also surgeries are being done by ‘basic’ doctors where they should be done by specialists.

The inspector does not indicate what has gone wrong in which hospitals but an investigation follows.(NOS)

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