General Pardon


A vote in the House of Representatives that stops asylum seekers that have been here since and before 2001 from being sent back to their country of origin.

It comes too late for thousands of families, some who have kids that were born and educated in this country. There have been horror stories of those who have been sent back. Some were met at airports and put in jail and some were put in jail in Holland (with their kids) before being sent back because they did not follow proper procedures. Some very sad situations…

The motion put forth by the Labour Party won by one vote – 75 for and 74 against. It only takes one to win. 🙂

The vote ensures discussion be put on the table for a general pardon and in the meantime no persons are to be deported.

A day to celebrate in The Netherlands!!


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  1. Sad, isn’t it? We always forget that countries have been formed by migrations. People have moved to and fro and their movements have given origin to the formation of great nations, such as are Canada and the US.

    The problem is that, as happened with the ancient inhabitants of those two countries, newcomers are considered intruders in consolidated national grounds, but those intruders have not the same motivations the old setlers had. These intruders are a consequence of the enormous growth of the world population and the setbacks inherent to that growth. Wonderlands have a magnetic attraction on the needy.

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