Health Insurance 2007

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Last year we paid 204.00 for health insurance and in 2007 that is going up to 227.00 euros. Per month that is!! That equals 346.62 Canadian dollars. We looked at ways in which we could decrease these payments and the only thing we could do was take a deductible of up to 500.00 euros. This maximum amount deductible would save us 21 euros a month, 42 if we both did it. We decided not to take the risk. The only other options we had was to cancel dental and alternative therapies which would have saved us 17.50 a month per person. This is not a viable option either.

Just read in the news that the allowance the government pays out has increased. For a single person it is going from 403.00 to 432.00 a year and for a couple it is going from 1155.00 to 1223.00 a year.

This is all just too bizarre. These payments are way too high and the allowance is not going up accordingly.

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  1. To me it is clear your government is supporting private Insurance Companies, that is if you invested in a private retirement policy you may end up by getting more than what the government would allow you.

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