VVD Unrest

Zalm: Rutte leider, maar Verdonk moet blijven

People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD)

Our Liberal party seems to be going through a period of unrest. A few months ago they had a leadership convention which was won by Mark Rutte and lost by Rita Verdonk. She said she would support him and stand by him in the upcoming election.

In her campaign she harvested mistrust by announcing she wanted to be Vice President if they were elected to be in the House again. This had not been discussed with the party before she made the announcement.

On Nov 22 she received some 60,000 more votes as a member of the VVD than Mr. Rutte. She showed amazement and awe when interviewed by the press about this. The next day she called a press conference for which she was more than half an hour late, and stated that she was setting up a committee to see what should be done with the party leadership. She felt she had to do something for the 60,000 votes she received over the party leader.

Within minutes a party meeting was called and I can imagine she was put in her place. It was decided that there would be no investigation into the leadership but they would look into why the party lost so many votes. Now water under the bridge….. all said and done…. So they say..

Ms Verdonk was the Minister of Intergration and Immigration for the last four years. The one who has consistently sent people back to their land of origin in some cases back to fear and danger. Asylum seekers who have been here for years and who have for no fault of their own been left in our system.

The same minister who is suggesting that she will not carry out the arrangements of the vote that was just taken in the House of Representatives that stops the deportation of asylum seekers till further discussion.

One thing is for sure: you either hate Ms Verdonk for her cool, tough and inhumane actions of the last four yrs, or you love her because of it.

Read the Wikipedia entry about Ms. Verdonk.


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