This is a picture of the apartment we live in. There is a whole row of these along the canal. I am not sure if this is our building or not and it does not matter much as they are all the same. The bottom floor was built with seniors in mind and the upper floors have two and three bedrooms and two units in the corner have four bedrooms. We live in a two bedroom home on the second floor, second from the left and we pay about 380.00 euroes a month rent. That is about 580.00 Can dollars. Then we have to pay the city taxes for the poperty as that is not included in the rent. This comes due at the beginning of the year… March I think . This year we paid 375.00 euros (75. for one dog).  That is about 572.62  Can. dollars.


  1. I see cost of living in the Netherlands is considerably lower than here (Canary Islands). The rent we pay for a four-room, two-bath apartment is about 500 Euros/month. I have been to your country several times on business and noticed staple food was much lower than here. Conversely perhaps our salaries (I am retired) might be higher here. So perhaps it will pay if I decided to move to Dutchland.

  2. lpaula said

    Actually I find our cost of living is quite high. We do what we can to save on all our bills such as hydro, food, and heating. My favourite saying is: “You can only spend an euro once!”

    In the next month we will be receiving some year end statements for hydro etc and I will post the costs.

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