Cats Rights


Town of Newmarket – Animal control bylaw protects cats from injuries & fatalities

I am so tired of waking up in the middle of the night to cats crying outside my bedroom window.

There is no cat bylaw here in Holland of any kind and cats are allowed to run wild and loose at their owners will. I have a great problem with this, not only because it causes others major problems and concern but also for the safety and well-being of cats. I have spent hours worrying about cats that the owners ignore.

Cat owners will tell you that their cats have rights and I agree 100%. They have the right to be looked after and cared for by responsible owners.

In the apartment we live in people on the bottom floor cannot leave their windows or doors open because strange cats walk into their home. Cats actually climb up the outside walls to get to open windows. It is amazing! We continually see papers up on lamp posts from people who have lost their beloved cats. People in a panic because their cats do not come home. I do not get this…. Don’t let your cat out to roam the streets and you will know where it is all the time!!

Early this year I woke up from a kitten crying in the middle of the night. The next morning I found it under a car in the parking lot. The next day two more kittens were found be one of my neighbours. I tried to get the animal ambulance to pick up the kitten I found but they are not allowed to pick up cats – only dogs.

In Ontario, Canada they are starting to look at this in a much more animal friendly way. In Newmarket cats are to be kept in or on your property at all times and they must be licensed annually.

It drives me crazy to see all the cats that are left unattended from morning till night. If you are not concerned about a cats safety and well-being or you cannot stand the kitty litter or the cat hairs – don’t get a cat.

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