Alcohol among Minors


Campagne tegen alcoholgebruik jongeren

I have seen a few documentaries here in Holland about alcohol abuse among the youth here. There is an increase of alcohol poisoning reported by hospitals.

The drinking age here is 16 and alcohol can be bought in grocery stores or in liquor stores. Cashiers should ask for ID if they suspect a minor is making a purchase. This is really quite easy here as all persons over the age of 14 must carry a government issued photo ID card.

An organization, Stichting Verantwoord Alcoholgebruik (STIVA), is starting a campaign today which will address the issue of alcohol use by youngsters.

The slogan is: “alcohol use under 16.. not yet!” Flyers and radio ads are to warn parents and kids of the dangers of drinking at a young age and advise parents not to purchase it for their kids.

An organization for supermarkets (CBL) stated it will work with the campaign and give it its full support. One way it helps and will continue to help is by asking for photo ID cards.

I have noticed that Breazers (sp) are a big thing among young girls here. Parents buy these for their kids and they are readily available in the home. I find it very discouraging that parents encourage drinking before the legal age. I cannot imagine the damage it must do to a body that is still developing and growing and the problems it can cause on a mental level as well.

I would really like to see more done in this area and would like to see the drinking age at 18 and a 0 tolerance of any alcohol in the blood while driving. At any rate, this campaign is a step in the right direction. 🙂

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