Edmonton Oilers and Cheers


Hockey cheers may harm ears: study

I was in Edmonton last year when the hockey playoffs were happening and I tell you it was an experience.

They are totally nuts there. When the Oilers scored everyone yelled, hooted and hollered. Some people stayed in their homes and yelled and others came onto their balconies. I was at my daughter’s who lives in an apartment and she has about three other buildings in the area. It was noisy to say the least. Cars where honking their horns and any way noise could be made, it was made…

I come from Toronto Maple Leaf country and I have never experienced anything like the fans of the Edmonton Oilers.

I have to say, I do not like hockey but it was really fun to see people get that involved. I know not all was fun as streets had to be closed off in downtown Edmonton because of fans acting out.

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  1. It’s psychology, Paula. Here, in Spain, soccer is the word. Whenever Real Madrid or Barcelona the top teams in First Division, win or lose it happens as you say, hollering, rockets, everything noisy that comes to hand is sounded to the detriment of our poor ears which so much have to suffer the year along from other sources (LOL).

    They vent their personal frustrations in that way.

    By the way I like this day-to-day personal observations of yours. Keep at it. Not all blogs are fond of these topics which so much gladden us. It is the day-to-day struggle that teach us, much better than text books.


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