Public Sector Salaries (Holland)


Overheid gul bij afvloeiregelingen

Redundant workers:
The Dutch government gives civil servants no less than three years salary if they want to get rid of them. This would be considered our Canadian separation pay.

This became clear in a study done of top salaries in the public and semi-public sector.

Minister Remkes of Internal Affairs has sent a list of normal salaries of top government and semi-government to the House of Commons. It appears that the Prime Ministers spokesman earns more than 30,000 euros over what the PM himself earns. The average salary in the government is 180,000 euros.

The highest income is a program maker at the public television station the TROS. He makes an annual salary of 900,000 euros.

In redundancy scheduling the government paid out 100 million euros, not only to civil servants but also to workers at hospitals, universities, the water industry, and the public broadcasting got a considerable amount.

Nice to see where our tax payers money goes to. 😐

* Dutch translated by me with help from altavista.

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