Respect and Teens

Jongeren mishandelen invalide vrouw

A group of kids between the ages of 14 and 16 beat up a invalid woman riding a scooter. This happened in the city of Zutphen.

The 49 yr old woman was riding behind the boys on a bike path and when she asked if she could pass them, they pulled her off her scooter and hit and kicked her. The woman has broken ribs and a bruised hand and spent some time in hospital.

The police are asking witnesses to come forward.

I have run into problems with teens several times here in Holland, always while riding my bike and always when there is a group of them. They like to taunt you and pretend they are going to run into you with their bikes. It is really not a funny situation and very scary. The worst time is during the school year when they bike together in groups. On bike paths (and even roads) they take up the whole path riding side by side and do not budge an inch more than they need to. It is wonderful to travel in groups like that but your mentality changes and before you know it, you – or your kid is doing something ‘that your little Johnny would never do’. And if something goes wrong, and he did not do anything, he is in trouble simply for being there.

I sound bitter but I have had some scary experiences and I do not know what the anwser is except to try and stay away from these situations which is not always possible.


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  1. The problem is worsening everywhere. Kids in groups are a plague in big cities, and whilst laws are not changed to deal with this hooliganism, I am afraid it will become critic very soon.

    But politicians are just worried about their personal incomes and problems.

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