UWV – Disablility

The Dutch have implemented a new disability criteria in which it looks at what each person is able to do, rather than what they cannot do.

The new system was implemented in Oct of 2004 and to date over 205,000 persons have been re-evaluated. 36.5% of the cases had benefits reduced or stopped. (UWV)

This new system has caused havoc in Holland as you can imagine. People who have been on disability for years, and who were already being screened every 5 yrs walked in sick and left the office being told they were able to work. In several cases people committed suicide because they could not cope.

They have been taken to court for all kinds of reasons including that their proceedings are inhumane and that they are not using insurance doctors. These doctors have been specially trained and have papers for doing this type of work.

In the meantime the government is saving millions of dollars on payments that they no longer have to make to the disabled who are suddenly able to work.

I agree that there are always bad apples and people who abuse the system but this has gone way too far. The bad apples should have been caught in the check ups that were already being done and the new criteria should have started with the new clients, not those that were already in the system.

To me this is another example of how government and people are ‘hardening’ in our society.


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  1. A nephew of my wife’s, a Down Syndrome, lives with us and I am a little acquainted with legislation about the disabled. In Spain a new law to help the incapacitated has been approved by the parliament. I believe all individuals, from disabled up to elderly people will have a favourable treatment better than they had so far. The Socialist government has seen to it that it be so, unlike the cruelty of the Dutch government which has stunned me.

    The state is responsible for each and every one of its citizens, but these helpless people should always have a special consideration.


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