Disability Criteria Disastrous


The disability re-evaluation using the stronger criteria has disastrous affects on disabled persons.

The re-evaluations started in Oct of 2004 and over 200,000 persons have been done. The latest figures show that 9% of those told they are able to work have found jobs, and 60% took drastic pay cuts. Some of these people were placed on ‘unemployment insurance’ (or welfare) which pays less, and others lost their total income because their spouses have jobs.

Besides that a recent report by ‘Economic Business’ show that employers are absolutely not interested in hiring these people.

Persons walked into the UWV office, some disabled for years, and walked out ‘healthy’ and able to work. The unemployment office cannot do anything for these people and they are written off in due course. All that has happened is they have been moved from one system to another saving the government millions of dollars.

Two ex-insurance doctors were interviewed on NOVA and the main purpose of this new criteria was to get as many people as possible out of the UWV system.

SP cabinet member Jan de Wit was guest on the NOVA political talk show. He states that this will be an important topic in the talks to forming a coalition.

UWV official figures.

The WAO Plein. – For those interested in support, information and just sharing with others (in Dutch).

Stichting GAOS – een organisatie van, voor en door arbeidsongeschikten.

Landelijke Vereniging van Arbeidsongeschikten (LVA).

WAO Café.

L.A.M. de Groot Heupner – expertise op het door het huidige UWV gehanteerde claimbeoordelingsproces.

WAOtrefpunt– gemaakt door lotgenoten en voor lotgenoten.

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  1. Spartan-wise the Dutch government *moderated*. Disabled will not be admitted by companies for obvious reasons.

    What then are the duties of a state according to these rulers?

    In ancient days the Spartans who were of no use to the state, those who were born with physical flaws, were executed.

    I see civilisation has done nothing for these rulers, these are attitudes *moderated*.

    *Post moderated to keep blog “key word friendly”.

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