Ryndam 1951 – 1972


I have been looking up information about the boat ‘the Ryndam”. We immigrated to Canada on that boat in May of 1962. It took ten days to cross the ocean from Rotterdam to Montreal.

So here is some info I have found on the net.

Service: Rotterdam, Le Havre, Southampton to N.York (until 1959) and Montreal from 1960; also cruising, dockside casino COPA CASINO in Gulfport, Mississippi USA 1989-2002.
Particulars: 15,015 tons gross; 503 x 69 x 28 ft
Speed: 16,5 knots
Capacity: 39 first and 836 tourist class

Sept 14, 1966: Transferred to Europe-Canada Line, West German flag. Atlantic student sailings and winter “floating university” cruises.
May 24, 1968: Renamed WATERMAN while docked at New York; student sailings
Oct 9, 1968: Returned to Holland-America Line; renamed RYNDAM
Aug 18, 1972: Sold to Epirotiki Lines (Worldwide Cruises S/A), Greek flag, for $ 2,5 million; renamed ATLAS. Thoroughly rebuilt for cruise service.
Sept 1980: Reported sold to Viva Hotels, Mexican flag, for use as a Caribbean- South American cruiseship.
Jan 1989: Purchased by American bussnesman and converted into floating casino in Gulfport, Mississippi USA;
a few name changes
March 16, 2003: Sank off the coast of the Dominican Republic as the COPA CASINO, on her way to ship breakers at Alang, India.

Here are some other links to information of interest:

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