Coalition 2006


Today the CDA, PvdA, and SP are getting together with Mr. Hoekstra who was appointed by our queen to see what coalition could be formed after the Nov 22 election. The three parties have been in discussion individually and together for several weeks and I guess this is the end of the first round.

I suspect the CDA will not want to be outnumbered by Left wing parties and will want to keep the power they have acquired in the last four years.

I am hoping the SP can stay in this round!! We shall see!!

*Added: I just heard the news and CDA and SP cannot work together so Mr Hoekstrs is going to interview all party leaders again.


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  1. This is something about democracy that stuns me. In a way it is a kind of fraud, what with the people having voted majoritarily for a party which does not get absolute majority in parliament and then this party getting alliances to rule with other parties whose “ideology” is dissimilar.

    In my opinion the winning party should govern by itself and if its proposals are not accepted in a considerable number, then call new elections. The people who are wise know how to tackle the problem. This or just calling for a second turn, as happens with presidential elections in some countries.

    Keeping good standards in democracy, anyhow, costs a lot of money and work.

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