General Pardon and Ms Verdonk


Minister Verdonk (Integration and Immigration) refuses to stop deportation of asylum seeker who have been in the system since 2001.

The bill presented by the Labour Party in Nov asked that deportation of these old cases be stopped till a discussion takes place about a general pardon for these people. The bill passed with a 75/74 vote.

Though Ms Verdonk stopped deportation for about a week and a half, in the debate in the House last night she informed the chamber that they were to start immediately after the debate was done.

SP Party member Jan de Wit:

“We know the minister as a firm minister, but in the shuffling of the chamber she has gone too far. She plays rock hard and as far as the SP is concerned she can now get it back rock hard. Sometimes one asks: is parliament a lamb or a lion? If chamber respects itself, today it will be a lion. The chamber must send the minister away.”

Upon questioning Ms Verdonk would not put a 24 hour hold on the deportations, which further aggravated the situation.

A motion of ‘contempt’ was adopted and passed against Ms. Verdonk.

**Translated by me and altavista.


I must say I have never seen anything like Ms Verdonk. She is not called the Iron Lady for nothing. Watching the debate you get the feeling that there is a real power struggle going on and there has to be more going on than meets the eye. I wonder if it is geared to getting votes for the elections coming up in March for the Senate. I cannot imagine that this is doing any good for the formation of a coalition.

To learn more about this ‘lovely lady’ check out Wikipedia.

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