Deportations Asylum Seekers 2001

After 12 hours discussion (on Dec 13th) our minority government came up with a solution for the motion passed by the House to stop deportation of asylum seekers who were in the system in 2001. There was also a motion of ‘contempt’ against Ms Verdonk our now former Minister of Integration and Immigration.

Our liberal party (VVD) of who Minister Verdonk is a member, were ready to hand in their resignations which would have left just more than a hand full of Ministers running the country.

Our PM talked them into staying and a solution was worked out. There will be no more asylum seekers deported for those who were in the system in 2001 and who have humane circumstances, such as a family with kids. Ms Verdonk has been relieved of her portfolio and it has been given to another minister.

A great day after all!!!! Finally some peace and hopefully no more debates about people being sent back to countries in which they ‘know’ they will be killed or put in jail when they set foot on their home country soil….


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