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I have to tell the story of a boy named Walid. He appeared in a show called Taxi in 2003 and again yesterday – an update. I won’t tell you about the show because it is not important.

In 2003 Walid was an 11 yr old boy who was here in Holland seeking asylum from Somalia. The boy had seen his grandfather beaten to death and his parents are missing. His grandmother took him and ran for safety. He was clearly traumatized from events that he has seen and experienced in his short life.

He had no one to talk to and tried not to remember the horrors that he had witnessed in Somalia.

At the time of the show in 2003 he and his grandmother were to be sent out of the country (Holland) in four weeks. Back to Somalia where he was sure he was going to be killed.

Because of the show Taxi, more than 7000 people sent e-cards to Minister Verdonk, Minister of Integration and Immigration on behalf of Walid and his grandmother.

In the show yesterday Walid tells Joris Linssen, the show presenter that he has a temporary staying order but his grandmother has to leave the country.

For months now they are living in uncertainty concerning their future just like thousands of others. Walid and his sick grandmother sleep on bunk beds in a relief centre, waiting day to day for some kind of message about their future.

The show ‘Taxi’ and source for image.


Too sad for words….

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  1. It is, indeed, Paula. Laws have no heart unfortunately and this is something that should be fixed as soon as possible. There are laws in countries where one of the main aims is the protection of the family. It seems immigration laws do not contemplate this aspect of the problem, and in a way it is a kind of discrimination which should be corrected.

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