Health Care the Dutch Way


The inspector of the Dutch health care warns for too much competition in the health care system. Competition with prices is a bad development and according to the inspector five times this year eye surgeries have gone wrong. Because hospitals want work done cheaper, in some cases out of date equipment is used for the operations. Also surgeries are being done by ‘basic’ doctors where they should be done by specialists.

The inspector does not indicate what has gone wrong in which hospitals but an investigation follows.(NOS)



  1. Pricing the life and health of a person so low is something despicable. The Dutch should watch which candidates to choose in the next elections.

  2. lpaula said

    We just had an election (Nov 22) and are waiting for them to form a coalition so the governing can start. The left wing parties did really well which is a good thing but negotiations are still going on and it looks like the SP will be in the opposition again.

    The Christian Democrats are unwilling to lean towards the Socialist Party who won big in this election. They (CDA) will not turn back anything they implemented in the last four years in which the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

  3. It is curious how politics work everywhere. What political parties in many cases do is further divide a country by allying with small parties to ensure a majority.

    When there is another opposing party that wins a very considerable support, the laws should provide for coalition governments to be consistent with the electors’ wishes.

    Otherwise the situation of division settles in that country, something which is very far from being democratic, in my opinion.

    And which is really very dangerous for the stability of that particular country.

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