Clarification re: Kandahar


The Socialist Party and the Green Party are going to be asking for clarification from Minister Kamp, Minister of Defense about the NAVO operation in south Afghanistan in the province of Kandahar. The Netherlands are to not only grant air support but also ground support. The SP is against this and the Green Party states this is a modification of what our troops were sent there for – to help build up the province.

SP cabinet member Harry van Bommel feels that Kamp is going further into the ‘dirty’ war in Afghanistan. Just as the SP, the Green Party wants clarification fast. (


I remember when the House was debating about sending troops over there. The only party that stands out in my mind where D-66 and they kept saying there is no way building up of anything could be done because as soon as you build – for an example a school, it will be destroyed the next day by the Taliban. D-66 did their own studies right when this topic came up. They took a stand much to the distress of the right wing parties who felt they should have waited to make any decisions till the end of the House debate and till all the reports were in and all sides had been listened to.


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  1. Afghanistan is another hurdle that has to be jumped over. Always a question of oil, the operations in the Middle East are, at the least, criticisable.

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