European Constitution

European Con

We had a vote in The Netherlands on June 1st 2005 on whether we wanted to accept the European Constitution. The results came back at 62% against. A recent poll by Maurice de Hond shows that we still feel the same, 2% higher (64%) than the results of the vote in 2005.

The EU does there own polls and one of the questions is “According to what you know now, would you say that you are in favour of the European Constitution?” In France where they also apposed it in 2005, the results to this question was 56% and in the Netherlands it was 59%.

Jan Marijnissen of the SP wonders if this is the reason other countries in the EU do not take the French and The Netherlands “no” seriously.(SP)

For further reading about the results of the referendum held in 2005, please refer to the Netherlands Government Information Service.


I have to say that the debates around this issue got me interested in politics. Harry van Bommel of the Socialist Party and André Rouvoet of the Christian Union where a joy to watch in the debates and I believe it is thanks to them that the vote was so high against.


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  1. One thing is the constitution another is the acceptance of the European Union. As you know we were not consulted for its creation, we have tacitly approved it by electing our representatives in its parliament.

    Approving a constitution of a supranational organisation of countries may in many cases conflict with the members’ own constitutions.

    As is, I believe the EU has still a long road to walk before it is ripe enough for a “mother law”, and I cannot understand why the emergency in this issue.

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