Bad Apples at Toronto Airport


I was just at this terminal yesterday. I don’t know why this news surprises me but it does….

Airport baggage handlers charged with theft
Last Updated: Thursday, January 4, 2007 | 2:35 PM ET
CBC News

Seven baggage handlers who worked at Pearson International Airport are facing theft-related charges after an undercover probe into passengers’ complaints of missing electronic goods.

Peel Region police say a total of 18 charges have been laid against the employees, most of whom worked in Terminal 3 at the Toronto-area airport.

A four-month investigation was launched after passengers complained about goods, such as cameras, jewelry and PDAs, going missing from their luggage.

Police say they have recovered $12,000 in goods.

All seven baggage handlers, whose names have not been released, were employed by the same small baggage-handling company.

Five different companies, including Air Canada, supply the airport with baggage handlers.

Few other details have been released by the police. A press conference is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Brian Lawrence, vice-president of Teamsters Local 419, which represents some baggage handlers, was not surprised to hear news of the arrests.

“In any big group of people, you can get a bad apple and spoil the basket,” he said.

He says none of the accused were members of his union.

Lawrence estimates about 1,000 baggage handlers are employed at the airport.

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