Day Care for Seniors

This may be a solution to a problem many ‘children’ have looking after their parents.

Day-care facility to offer services to seniors
Last Updated: Friday, January 5, 2007 | 9:42 AM MT
CBC News

An emergency day-care facility for seniors will open in Calgary next week, providing additional support to people caring for their elderly parents.

Kids and Company, which opens its doors next Wednesday, has partnered with a seniors facility in south Calgary to provide services. Nexen, Enbridge, BP Canada, Deloitte and RBC Financial Group have already signed on with the program and will offer the backup care to their employees as part of their benefits packages.

Kids and Company president Victoria Sopik says she was approached by other businesses that proposed the idea of a short-term elderly care program.

“They said that not everyone has a child,” Sopik said. “Only about half of the typical population in the employee base has children, but everyone has parents and they’ve seen a lot of interest and need from their employees wanting help with elder care and parent issues.”

Diana Ward, a manager with RBC Financial Group, says that demographic changes have forced the company to evaluate its benefits programs. Statistics Canada says two million Canadians ā€” mostly women over 45 ā€” are caring for older relatives.

“We do know that employees want more choices in benefits and flexibility, and certainly with the aging population we see more demand for elder care,” Ward said.

The company is looking at future possible expansion in Montreal and Toronto.

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  1. A decade ago, we (In North Dakota) had a few senior day cares try to open, and they couldn’t get interest. Now, there are waiting lists. Parent care is such a huge issue. It’s not going away. We need creative solutions, and day care is an important part of the mix.

    Thanks for a good post –
    Carol Bradley Bursack
    Minding Our Elders

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