95 Year Old Blogger

95 Year Old Blogger

A 95 year old Spanish grandma has a huge number of fans for her weblog.

She received the blog for her 95th birthday and now publishes posts almost daily.

Her blog is unusually popular and within one month it has recieved 51,000 hits. According to the Spanish media she is the oldest Internetter in Spain.

The blog includes her viewpoints on subjects such as politics and also tells of her own personal experiences.

In an interview Maria Amelia tells that she discovered the Internet a year ago.

I find it fantastic what you can find on the Internet. You read the news and about other peoples lives. It is the best discovery I have seen in my life.


  1. eric said

    Hi Paula. Maria Amelia is not only Spain’s oldest blogger. She’s the oldest of the world’s 1.83 million bloggers!

    See this story about her in the South Koreasn citizen reporters’ journal OhmyNewsInternational:

    Best wishes from Eric, in Sydney, Australia.

  2. Jose said

    Her Spanish has that wonderful Galician accent and her comments are full of that wisdom that only age and a good furnished intelligence can give. As a fellow Spaniard I am proud of her.

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