Heavy Storm in Holland


Many problems throughout Holland due to a heavy wind storm. On the highways in particular there are water problems. Stuff blowing off a truck caused A27 to close and in Utrecht a crane blew over.

In Amsterdam the fire department asked people to stay off the streets due to flying objects such as roofing and tree branches.

Schiphol airport has one runway open causing many delays.

I can see the railroad tracks from my living room and the trains are running at a crawls pace. I guess they are watching for blowing garbage on the tracks. The wind is so bad that it is a constant noise just like the trains rolling by — only they are rolling overhead.

This is now the third week in a row we have had weather warnings and heavy winds here in Holland. They say it will even get worse than it is now before it gets better later this evening. (Rtl)

Man.. it is getting worse and worse. Amsterdam train station has been cleared of people due to flying objects and there are damages done to homes and other buildings everywhere just like after a tornado has gone thru. It is getting spookier and spookier here. There are actually crests and peaks in the canal from the wind and I have never seen that before.

5:43 pm. — The minister of internal affairs is urging people to stay indoors even if you are not where you are supposed to be. The highways throughout Holland are a disaster and some roads are closed. The traffic is expected to be heavy and jams will go on past 8:00 pm. There is a traffic alarm and only those with emergencies are to hit the roads.

The strongest gust of wind was measured at Schiphol airport at 130 km an hour.

At this moment there are 56 traffic jams with a length of 415 km.


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  1. Quite a storm. I was in the Elandsgracht when they closed it.

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