Now SP for Sure


On the 7th of March, the Dutch folk are back at the voting booth for Provincial elections.

The House of Representatives had their election on Nov 22/06 and they are still talking and trying to form a coalition. The Christian Democrats, Labour Party, and the Christian Union have been talking for weeks.

The Socialistic Party who was the big winner in Nov, going form 9 to 25 seats was done quickly in their coalition talks when they realized that the Christian Democrats had no desire to serve with the Labour Party and the SP. That would have meant a left majority government.

My hope is that the SP does equally well or better than the Nov election and that we have a big representation in the Senate after the March election. (SP)


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  1. Jose said

    I believe Socialist is the word nowadays. What with so much lying from Neo-cons one doesn’t know who to believe.

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