Taking a Remedy


It shocks me to see instructions for taking homeopathic remedies such as:

“unscrew or remove the top or cap of the bottle, tip the pill into the cap and from there into you palm or a clean spoon, then into your mouth.’

First: The only time one should ever touch a homeopathic remedy is if they are low potency. The higher potencies will be ‘killed’ upon touching them and will not do the job they were intended to do. Second: the remedy should never be in contact with metal of any sort and the best practice is to use a plastic spoon.

Just so I never forget the above, regardless of the potency, I always use a plastic spoon and I never touch a remedy. In this way I am sure I am getting what I need out of the remedy and I am sure I am not ‘killng’ the goodness in it.

I have even heard of a practitioner lightly touching a high potency remedy to make it less strong. What that does is completely kills the remedy and it is of no use to her client. She may as well throw the pill in the garbage and give her client a sugar cube.

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  1. I see you mention ‘shock’ in two separate posts, and ‘killing’/’kill’ in this one. There was a movement to tell you.

  2. lpaula said


    At the time I wrote that blog I was on Lachesis 100,000. I believe that is CM. The day after I wrote the blog I was at my homeopath and received Lycopodium 50,000.

    I know I had trouble figuring out what words to use in the post as far as describing what happens to the (higher potency) remedy when it is touched.

    So in looking it up:
    Lycopodium: Weak memory, confused thoughts; spells or writes wrong words and syllables. Failing brain power. Cannot read what he writes. (happens to me often 🙂 )

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