Dutch Debts


The number of families that are in financial problems due to debt has doubled in Holland in the last five years.

In 2006 46,000 families received help from credit councilors. People who walked into ‘credit banks’ had an average of 22,000.00 euros in debts. 33,616.46 Canadian dollars..that is.

According to the organization NVVK, more and more people have no money left over for fun things after paying off there monthly bills.


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  1. Jose said

    A consolation would be knowing that Holland is not the only place where this situation exists. I bet all over the EU the same thing happens.

    I continuously hear saying that the economic situation of countries is going up, but I can see everywhere that the economic situation of citizens is going down. There is only a conclusion to draw from this : those enjoying the upgoing process are doing so because of the downgoing sufferers.

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