Dutch Disability

Another documentary TV show about the Dutch disability system and the re-evaluations taking place. As far as I am concerned they cannot put enough of these shows on TV or in the newspapers.

People are suffering in Holland. People who have been disabled for years, and by some miracle left the insurance doctor being told they are able to work again for 40 hours a week. Not only do they have to deal with this, but financially they lose monies. They are able to collect two more payments on their disability and then they have to apply for other social services such as unemployment or welfare. If you are on disability and your spouse or partner works, all monies stop.

People who can return to work are sent to a reintegration firm who helps them look for work. According to one women all they do is provide computers to search for job..and all that for 5000.00 (euros) per person. Sounds like a money making project to me. Even if they helped make up resumes and cover letters it would not be worth 5000.00 (euros) a person.

The problems with the disability here in Holland appears to be that years ago when large reorganizations were done in places of business and people lost their jobs they were put on disability rather than in unemployment insurance. I am not sure why this was done but you can imagine there was a good reason for it and it benefited someone.. and it was probably not the person that lost the job. So now instead of dealing with these people they have come up with a really ‘strong’ criteria and everyone suffers for the decisions made years ago.

Cases of those losing their disability are being taken to court and they are being one. Some judges claim this new system is against the constitution.

This all makes me so sad and I cannot even put on paper how bad it really is for everyone involved here. 5% of the people who must return to work have found jobs. No company wants to hire these people as they know about this new disability system and the new criteria to determine who can work.

Companies are given financial incentives to hire these ‘miracle cures’ and even with that it is not a viable choice. When you take the time to train someone, you want to be pretty sure that person is going to be with you for some time and that that person will show up for work every day.

This whole new system is about getting people off of disability and out of the government pockets. They have instructed the insurance doctors to do things that are against the oath that they took when they became doctors. Our Minister of Social Services, Mr De Geus does not care about the doctors, or the patients involved. He just want to stop the money flowing out of the Disability pocket at whatever costs.



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