Why the SP is not in the Coalition

Jan Marijnissen, the leader of the SP looks back at the last weeks and his big gain in the parliament elections of Nov 22. His party went from 9 to 25 seats in the House of Representative.

Marijnissen states that they were given the blame for the talks for the coalition with Balkenende (Cristian Democrats) and Bos (Labour Party) not working out. Bos especially pushed the SP into a corner and the media picked up on it and ran with it. Marijnissen claims this shocked him; how everything was done to form a picture that is not even close to the reality. “Marijnissen ran away.” –“I don’t think so.”

How did it go then? The CDA had no desire to spend any time or effort talking, says Marijnissen. Balkenende kept saying that “he had won gold”. Meanwhile the left won 9 seats and the right lost 9 seats in the House. Bos and Marijnissen were open about wishing to form a coalition with the CDA while Balkenende saw nothing in this and made it know very soon that he wanted to talk with the Christian Union. It was like pulling a dead horse, states Marijnissen.

A left cabinet with the Labour Party and the Green Party was the dream of Marijnissen. With thanks to Bos this did not work out because he would not work with them during the election campaign.

SP always said it would be hard to work together with the CDA but because of the outcome of the elections on Nov 22nd they felt it was their duty to negotiate with them. The CDA does have a social side. The CDA were playing a political game with one purpose in mind. How to push the SP to the sidelines as fast as possible.

And there you stand with a big party of 25 seats, with elected members who are asking, “Jan, how do we go further from here?”.

SP will be the new opposition of a CDA/Pvda/CU cabinet and plans to talk to everyone in the opposition to see how they can work together and be the most constructive opposition.

Marijnissen still hopes, though chances are slim that the SP can be part of a coalition. His formation team is standing ready just in case. The outcome of the election says that I am right and Bos is wrong. “Patience is a beautiful business, don’t forget, our long march has taken 30 years.” (SP)


I apologize for any error in translation.


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