Bridge Jobs for Disabled

The disability system in the Netherlands has gone into a major overhaul with the last government. Over two hundred thousand people have been re-evaluated, and over one hundred fifty thousand are yet to be done, using a stronger criteria. This has sent huge numbers of disabled persons back into the work force; people who have been ‘miraculously’ cured in a one hour visit with an insurance doctor.

These people are left without jobs and in most cases substantial incomes. Companies are not looking to hire these people, even when stimulated by the government to do so. Companies want to invest time and energy into people who they are sure of will be attending work daily. Disabled who are miraculously able to go back to work after not being able to work for years and not reliable members of any team — no fault of their own.

The new coalition parties have come up with a solution to help these disabled. There will be more financial stimulates offered to companies who are willing to hire these re-evaluated disabled people. Further they will be looking at creating subsidized jobs.

They also want to lower the age for persons being re-evaluated from 50 to 45. This will ensure less evaluations.

700 million euros extra have been allowed for these plans. The Rtl sites states that 150,000 people still need to be re-evaluated. Also those that stay on disability will get an increase of 5%. The current amount of 70% of their last salary will go to 75%.

In my way of thinking they have missed the problem entirely. The problem being that people are being told they can work when in actual fact they cannot. Many of them have been disabled for years and in one hour are told they are now able to work a 40 hour week. How is this possible? (Rtl)

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