Moving Where & When


So… I asked on an Vedic astrology list when and where I should go when I am move back to Canada.

Here is the info received as far as a moving date:

The chart shows you were born under the sign of Leo, with the Moon in the nakshatra of Swati.

There is a strong indication that you will move out of your country by January 31, 2010. It’s acceptable to move to Canada. However, I cannot give you an opinion about those cities you selected.

You should provide us the incorporation dates of the cities you are proposing to move into, specifically Edmonton and Ontario. As such, we can give you a better astrological opinion about those cities.

First I got the info on the Provinces.

1) Ontario: July 1, 1867 – Ensures wealth
2) Alberta: September 1, 1905 – Accumulates wealth

Then on to the cities.

1) Edmonton, Alberta – Oct 8 1904 – Accumulates Wealth
2) Thunder Bay, Ontario – Jan 1 1970 – Prosperity
3) Barrie, Ontario – Jan 1 1959 – Prosperity
4) Elliot Lake, Ontario – January 1, 1991 – Prosperity

However, after you select the most likely city of residence, the next step is to determine the best time to move into the city, given the general date indicated earlier in my email. Although not mandatory, you can move into these cities during their incorporation anniversaries (birthdays!). But some of these dates may not be practical due to the season of the year, or your particular circumstances.

The above was all done using my birth information:
June 22 1953 — 11:45 AM in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Longitude: 5E58 — Latitude: 52N13

If I move on a date that is not the ‘best’ day according to my chart, it can all be ‘corrected’ by prayers. This is what I love about Vedic astrology. 🙂


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