Neglected Cats

Read how the Town of Newmarket, Ontario passed an animal control bylaw that protects cats from injuries and fatalities.

If you are also concerned about neglected cats in Holland, go to the Parij voor de Dieren or your own political party web site and leave them a message.

Back to the subject of neglected cats. I wake up (just about) every night to a cat meowing outside my bedroom window. I am pretty sure which cat it is that is in distress.

There is an old cat that lives down the street that can hardly move. It is grey, has long hair and big eyes. I have seen this cat off and on for years but lately it is around our apartment regularly. I say the cat is old because it moves very stiffly. It may be a younger cat with arthritis for all I know.

The thing of it is, I get so upset that this cat is out on the loose. It is clearly not a happy cat and it appears that no-one cares where this cat is.

Here in Holland cats are allowed to run loose at leisure and if you call the humane society or the animal ambulance they are not allowed to pick up cats – and they don’t.

Last year there were three kittens dropped off in our parking lot. The first one kept me (and neighbors) awake all night and first daylight I went out and found it under a car. It was so scared. I got it out from under the car with a bowl of milk. I called for help as we do not have a car to drive to the humane society and no-one would pick up this kitten because it may belong to someone. It appears the owners are more important than the welfare of animals. I was actually told by the ambulance personnel to put the cat back in the driveway and forget about it. I ended up asking the lady downstairs to drive me and the kitten to the humane society, which she did.

A few nights later two more kittens were dropped off and they ended up in a locked garbage bin. My neighbors heard these kittens and ended up having to phone the city for keys to the garbage bin to get them out. One of the them kept the kittens and I now get to see them in the windows. They are so cute!

Just to keep my own sanity I have to remind myself regularly that these cats have owners and it is none of my business what they do with them. There is nothing I can do, no place I can turn to as the owners can leave them out in sub zero temps as they see fit. There is a vet right down the street from us, between the cats home and our apartment and it appears they do not even get involved.

I do not know how people can live with this ‘in their face’ every day. I know some people let their cats out and think they tend to them properly. These cats get hit by cars crossing streets and get into trouble in other peoples gardens, jump into their windows and just make a nuisance of themselves.

Cats have a right to be looked after by their owners and if you do not want to keep it in your home or in your own back yard, you should not have a cat. As a cat owner, you are responsible for the well being of your cat and letting it loose, jeopardizing its safety around cars, and letting it be a nuisance for others is not a responsible thing to do.


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  1. lpaula said

    Commenting on my own blog … 🙂

    I got a letter back from the Party for the Animals and they express their concern over this issue and ensure me that they will read the web site of the Town of Newmarket.

    I do not think they will mind if I post their email to me here:


    Hartelijk dank voor uw e-mail waarin u de problematiek van zwerfkatten
    onder onze aandacht brengt. Wij delen uw zorg voor dit grote probleem.
    Wij zullen de informatie op de door u doorgestuurde websitelink met
    interesse lezen. Het zou inderdaad goed kunnen dat goede oplossingen
    uit een ander land ook hier toepasbaar zijn.

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Partij voor de Dieren

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