The result of manipulation is that life becomes a wrestling match, a struggle with other people. I’m continually trying to get from you what I want and you’re trying to get from me what you want, falsifying us both in the process. We try to make an unsatisfactory relationship satisfactory by manipulation. Another possibility is that I give to you whatever I have to give, and you give to me whatever you have to give. Sometimes that’s nice and sometimes it isn’t. With luck we may find a situation in which we can be with someone in a satisfying way. Our interactions will be more like a dance, much easier than wrestling.


I have been reading a book on Gestalt and some things really resonated with me, such as the above.

The book is entitled:

Gestalt is – Gestalt therapy — addresses, essays, lectures.

Perls, Frederick S.

Stevens, John O.

ISBN 0-911226014-1

ISBN : 091122615X (paperback)

To check out some Internet sites about Gestalt, check out the ones at the SpiderIvy Internet Directory.


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