De Geus Juggles with Data (UWV)

De Geus goochelt met gegevens
WAO Plein

The new criteria for the WAO (disability) re-evaluations were implemented by (ex) minister De Geus, creating much trauma for those on disability. De Geus states the following:

One out of three (32%) of the persons re-evacuated, who did not work have a job within one and half years.

De Geus gets his figures out of a report that shows something entirely different. Ulenbelt, SP member of parliament, comes to a whole other conclusion.

68% have not found jobs and are now sitting at home without a job and less income. From the remaining who have found jobs, 15% have a solid contract. 85% of those working have a temporary contract, is being outsourced, or has a 0 hour contract. Easy mathematics shows that from all the re-evaluations who had no job, 5% have now got a full time contract.

Ulenbelt states further that incomes after the re-evaluations decreased. 55% of them have to survive on 1100 euros a month.

These are not figures to be proud of. The policy of De Geus and Balkenede III failed, but we have know that for some time. De Geus wanted to sweep the street clean before leaving parliament with some dream figures. While he wants to do that, the figures are nightmares for the people that this is all about.


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