Bad Service TNT


On Jan 8th I sent my aunt in Apeldoorn a card with some pictures that I made while I was in Canada. I never heard from her saying she recieved them but figured they arrived safe and sound. I actually thought it was kind of funny as she usually phones me to thank me when I have done this in the past.

Around Feb 19th I sent the same aunt a three page letter telling her what is going on with my life. She called me on Feb 23rd telling me she recieved my letter and two day before it came she got the card I sent her on Jan 8th. When she opened it she thougth I had ‘lost my marbles’ as I wished her an early happy birthday in the card. Her birthday was on Jan 16th. She then checked the date on the envelope and realized what had happened.

The same week of Jan 8th I sent my mom who lives in Canada a book. The girl at the post office sent it priority, which I never do because it costs way more money than standard. Once she had the sticker on I figured what the heck. Only problem is the book never made it over the ocean to my mom. There was not much we could do and no way it could be traced so we just waited assuming it would make it there some time. Well it did…yesterday. I got a call from my dad and it did finally make it. Feb about 7 weeks…

I know the postal system has changed from PTT to TNT and I am sure it has something to do with that. I think it has been privatized. What a mess!! Our postal service used to be just excellent and it looks, just like everything else in this country such as health care, home care, public transportation and disability — this too has seen its better days.


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  1. Joshua said

    Once ordered a package from a computer store, got delivered by TNT. Well, not exactly delivered.. They just dumped it somewhere in the neighbour’s backyard and made me search for it. (TWICE!) Didn’t even leave a delivery failure note.

    Fortunately, they have mended their ways after two complaints from the company involved.

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