Insurance Drama

Since the implementation of the new health insurance system in Jan of 2006 there are more people who cannot make their monthly payments.

According to the figures 300,000 people have not made payment for six months and a third have never made payments for basic insurance.

Not only are the insurance companies short on these payments but also missing the moneys for the health services that are being given to those not paying. Those paying their premiums are in fact paying for those that are not.

A spokesman for Achmea estimates that some 20,000 to 30,000 clients are unable to get money together to pay for basic health insurance premiums. He also said 70,000 clients have had extended coverage cancelled due to non payment.

The agreement the government made with insurance companies was that they would not terminate peoples basic insurance till July 1st of 2007. (nu)


For an idea of prices of health insurance check out this post about our situation.

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