Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith

You know this whole Anna Nicole Smith ‘thing’ is just driving me crazy. How does a mother have the right to say where you should be buried, just because she is your mother. I am a mother of two kids and I would not presume to know for one minute what my kids wishes are or what is best for them, alive or dead.

I would hate to think that my family of origin would interfere in any way with plans that my common law spouse may have for my remains. And I get along with my family.

From what I understand Anna Nicole Smith and mother had a strained relationship and rarely spoke in the last 10 years. What is the mother trying to prove at this point? Is she trying to get the final ‘control’ of her daughter? Will Anna Nicole Smith finally get her last resting place with her son or will her mother want them both in Texas?

For some reason this is really hitting me. Leave the girl alone and let her rest in peace with her son!!


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