Dutch Support Iraq


The House of Representatives vetoed a motion to investigate the Dutch political support of the war in Iraq.

Our Socialist Party counted on the Labour Party (PvdA) to support this motion as they were great supporters of this in the campaign leading to the Nov 22 elections.

PvdA leader Tichelaar stated that this point was lost during the formation process because neither the Christian Union nor the Christian Democrats were for this investigation. SP and D66 party leaders called this “incredible”.

“If this is not a breaking point, What is?”

asks SP leader Marijnissen.


Absolutely incredible. The US and England have both done investigations into their involvement and yet the Dutch are not doing this. In fact from what I understand from the debate yesterday, we are still supporting this war and to date our Prime Minister Balkenende has not talked to Bush to withdraw his support. Balkenende has stated time and time again that he does not want this investigation, saying he wants to ‘move forward, not look back’. What is he trying to hide?

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