Walking Aids Insurance Coverage


Too bazaar for words….

I guess insurance companies (here in Holland) are not making enough money yet.. and who better to take if from than those who can afford it the least – the elderly and the disabled.

The ‘College of Health Insurance’ put together an in-depth report concerning aids for staying mobile and their coverage in the basic insurance packages.

Ten million euros can be saved by insurance companies if they remove walkers, walking canes and sticks for the blind from the package.

The organizations states there is no reason the elderly or those needing these devices cannot pay for them themselves. The price of a walker can be anywhere from 100 to 1500 euros.

Organizations who serve the interest of handicap and chronically ill persons are angry. This discussion has been going on for years and our new health minister Ab Klink get to make the final decision.


  1. Joshua said

    “Too bazaar for words….”

    Was that a mix-up or pun intended? 😉

    Quite appalled by this decision. We still pay the same amount of cash as we did before. Where exactly are these ‘ten million euros’ that they save going to? Or why did they feel it was necessary to save money when they got a government on their side that forces everyone to pay for insurance?

  2. lpaula said

    It was a mix up.. not too good with words some days…. 😉

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