Skipping School

In ten years there are ten times more students skipping school.

This is the day and age where going to school is mandatory. This means that teachers have to control the students attendance. This is really needed here in the Netherlands because more students are skipping school each year.

Parents are given fines of 50 euros a day, (maximum 375. a week or 500. for two weeks) if a family goes on holidays when a child should be in school. For a child who skips school the parent pays 125. euros. Kids who are older than 12 also get a ‘task sentence’. (Rtl)

Here are some figures of a study done here in Holland.

Year —– total ——- ‘of age’ kids ——- under aged kids

2006: —- 5980 ——- 3060 (51%) ——– 2920 (49%)

2005: —- 5380 ——- 2820 (52%)——–  2560 (48%)

2004: —- 4930 ——- 2650 (54%) ——– 2280 (46%)

2003: —- 3830 ——- 2030 (53%) ——– 1800 (47%)

2002: —- 3880 ——- 2400 (62%) ——– 1480 (38%)

2001: —- 2610 ——- 1590 (61%) ——– 1020 (39%)

2000: —- 2400 ——- 1529 (63%) ——– 880 (37%)

1999: —- 1170 ——- 1200 (68%) ——– 570 (32%)

1998: —- 1580 ——- 1240 (78%) ——– 350 (22%)



  1. Joshua said

    I’ve done my fair share of skipping class. Main reason was that my classmates annoyed me too much, they were noisy and immature. The teachers weren’t all too good at explaining the case studies and most of the time we’d just sit behind a computer typing one report after another with little practical study. Just theory, theory and more theory. Most of the practical studies were a laugh and consisted for 85% out of waiting for the darn PC to do what it had to do and 15% user input. As long as they could keep us busy …

    I think they should look into the reason for a child’s absence and not fine everyone at random. Besides that, if a child goes on vacation with his or her parents it should only be reasonable that this leave is granted given that the child keeps studying during the vacation. And from my experience, teachers have become quite obsolete with good use of the Internet..

    Reason being for me finding it acceptable that a child would go on vacation is simply because the parents might not have enough time due to the ever increasing work pressure or due to the fact that they simply can’t afford to book a trip during the more expensive periods of the year.

  2. Jose said

    Perhaps we should ascribe a part of blame on the educational system, I find the fines in Holland are too harsh, but I can also understand that to exact justifications from parents needs time and staff.

    Parents and teachers should be arm in arm face to the children to get the best out of the system, neither above the other, both on the same level because parents and teachers have an enormous shared responsibility in the future of our countries and the world.

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