Sperm Donors Estate

The bitter dispute that lasted five years over a sperm donors estate has been settled in the Australian courts.

Three children who where conceived with the sperm of a donor of a Dutch immigrant laid claim to a portion of the 200,000.00 euro estate left behind by Willem Wijma, the donor.

The family of Mr. Wijma, who live in Groningen, Holland claim he was never more than a donor and had absolutely nothing to do with the Australian children.

The children have won the case and will inherit part of the estate. (Rtl)


  1. Joshua said

    That’s not terribly exciting news unless you’re personally involved..

  2. lpaula said

    I just find this a really interesting case and I imagine past donors will be doing some thinking after this ruling.

  3. Joshia said

    But aren’t donors supposed to be kept anonymous?

  4. annette kern(nee Wijma/wyma said

    The use of the term sperm donor here is lose. This sperm donation was done in the time honoured old fashion way. It was obviously more than a casual donation as there were three children conceived over a ten year period. It does however make the claims of sperm donor children more contentious in the Australian context.

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