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HBP Caused in the Brain

According to British research workers of the University of Bristol, high blood pressure is not caused in the heart, but in the brain.

According to the scientists high blood pressure probably comes from an infection in the blood vessels in the brain. The cause of the infection is a protein with white blood cells in the brain, causing a lack of oxygen in the brain.

The researchers say that this new look at high blood pressure should lead to new treatment methods . Rtl

Translated from Dutch to English by me and Altavista

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Jigsaw Puzzle #4

 Scenes of Ireland

Finished another one! I am having fun doing this. Every so often throughout the day I sit for a while and lay down some more pieces.

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Jigsaw Puzzle #3


So, I finished the third puzzle that came in the box of three, just to find out there are 7 pieces missing and two duplicate pieces.

I was thoroughly disappointed and sent the company a letter. We shall see if they respond.

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