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Wash Day Hell

Almost 9 years I have lived here in Holland and one of my biggest joys is wash day in the spring/summer/fall. I love hanging up the wash outside on the gadgets they have here for hanging wash on balconies.

I take great pride and time hanging everything up straight and neat. On sheet washing day I make sure I hang them all up double so they do not hang too low so they do not bother my neighbor lady downstairs. I have had the same neighbor lady downstairs for the length of time I have been here and we were on friendly terms. We even helped her with some problems she was having with other neighbors – to do with noise from household appliances after 10 PM. Well, I could have figured at some point we would be on her hit list as well.

About two weeks ago my neighbor lady told me that she did not want me to hang wash on my balcony anymore as it bothered her seeing it swaying in the wind. She also said she could not imagine why we washed so much. She would not mind if it was only out there a couple of times a week but never on Sunday.

She proceeded to tell me, among other things that this was in the ‘rental rule book’ and that I was not following rules. I have read this book several times in the past and dug it out again just to make sure I was right and we were allowed the luxury of hanging our clothes outside. Sure enough no mention of this in our rental agreement.

Yesterday my neighbor lady got me again as I was relaxing in the sun on my balcony, reading a book. I told her to call the wash police and send them to my door so we could have a chat and till that time I would continue as I have been for the last +8 yrs.

I am an abider of rules and have researched this as far as I can to make sure I am not doing anything wrong. I am assuming if the house rules changed in the last years we would have gotten notice and I would have changed my wash hanging accordingly.

Picture of a wash is to follow…


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