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Moving Where & When


So… I asked on an Vedic astrology list when and where I should go when I am move back to Canada.

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Edmonton, Alberta


And then there is Edmonton, Alberta where we have considered moving to as well. My daughter and son live there so that would be a really nice thing to be near them.

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Thunder Bay Videos

Wow.. I found videos about Thunder Bay, Ontario. Beautiful scenery.

Here is scenery taken near Thunder Bay, Ontario



Tourism commercial done in 1996



This is scenery along highway 11 between Sault St. Marie and Thunder Bay Ontario.



Promotion for the City of Thunder Bay shows a short clip of the area.

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Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay

Well, it looks like we have another impossibly for our move to Canada. My best friend, Colleen just moved from Barrie to Thunder Bay, Ontario. She says it is just beautiful there and the people are super friendly. She says the air is ‘lighter’.

What I like about it is that it has an airport so if I needed to get to Barrie, or Edmonton (where my kids live), I can fly. On the other hand to drive to Edmonton from Thunder Bay takes 22 hours so that would be a really nice trip to make each year. To drive to Barrie takes about 15 hours so that would also be a nice trip.

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Health Care EL

Strengthening health care in the North Shore
By Nick Stewart

In the interest of serving its populace more efficiently, the City of Elliot Lake is partnering with Pharmx Rexall Drug Stores Ltd. to establish a new multidisciplinary health facility in the downtown core.

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Barrie, Ontario


There is always the possiblitly that we move back to my hometown of Barrie. That would be nice as I could go and have a cuppa coffee with a family member as I wished. A real treat!!!!!

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Elliot Lake, Ontario

Elliot Lake

We are going to be moving back to Canada in the next while and I am looking at places we can reside. I am really liking Elliot Lake. It is about a 5 hour drive from my family and situated in northeastern Ontario. It is an old mining town and is currently growing into a retirement community.

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