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HBP Caused in the Brain

According to British research workers of the University of Bristol, high blood pressure is not caused in the heart, but in the brain.

According to the scientists high blood pressure probably comes from an infection in the blood vessels in the brain. The cause of the infection is a protein with white blood cells in the brain, causing a lack of oxygen in the brain.

The researchers say that this new look at high blood pressure should lead to new treatment methods . Rtl

Translated from Dutch to English by me and Altavista

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The result of manipulation is that life becomes a wrestling match, a struggle with other people. I’m continually trying to get from you what I want and you’re trying to get from me what you want, falsifying us both in the process. We try to make an unsatisfactory relationship satisfactory by manipulation. Another possibility is that I give to you whatever I have to give, and you give to me whatever you have to give. Sometimes that’s nice and sometimes it isn’t. With luck we may find a situation in which we can be with someone in a satisfying way. Our interactions will be more like a dance, much easier than wrestling.


I have been reading a book on Gestalt and some things really resonated with me, such as the above.

The book is entitled:

Gestalt is – Gestalt therapy — addresses, essays, lectures.

Perls, Frederick S.

Stevens, John O.

ISBN 0-911226014-1

ISBN : 091122615X (paperback)

To check out some Internet sites about Gestalt, check out the ones at the SpiderIvy Internet Directory.

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2nd-hand Smoke

New link between 2nd-hand smoke and heart disease
Last Updated: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 | 11:35 AM ET
CBC News

People exposed to second-hand smoke increase their risk of experiencing warning signs of cardiovascular disease, a new British study suggests.

The study, published Monday in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, adds more weight to previous research linking passive smoking and heart disease, says the study’s lead author, Dr. Andrea Venn of University of Nottingham in Britain.

Researchers examined records from America’s third National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey (1988-94), measuring levels of cotinine, a byproduct of nicotine, in the blood of more than 7,500 people who had never smoked.

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Fat in Hamburger

Meat Balls

The Dutch cabinet is concerned about overweight people and unhealthy fats. In this regard Mr. Hoogervorst, our Minister of Health is suggesting that hamburger meat must have its fat content lowered from 35 to 25%. Lean hamburger must be lowered from 20 to 15%. (Rtl)

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Damage to Kids Lungs


It has been known for some time here in Holland that living near a highway can damage kids lungs.

An 8 year investigation in California at the James Gouderman University shows that kids who live under 500 metres from a highway have more chance at lung damage than those that live more than one kilometre away from the highway. Rtl

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Health Topics

I have been an editor at quite a few Internet directories for years and have done a lot of work in the subject area of health.

Check out the health section on the SpiderIvy Internet Directory.

This project will keep me busy for years. 🙂

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Diabetes Screening

Edmonton aims to screen all for diabetes
Last Updated: Friday, January 19, 2007 | 5:46 PM ET

CBC News

A new diabetes screening program in Edmonton goes further than any other in North America, effectively making diabetes a reportable disease.

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