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1500 Pieces


I graduated to 1500 piece puzzles because the 1000 was getting done way to quick. 1500 cost me about 19 euros and this one took me about 5 weeks to complete. I can’t get a bigger one than this because of lack of space to do it in.


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Jigsaw Puzzle #4

 Scenes of Ireland

Finished another one! I am having fun doing this. Every so often throughout the day I sit for a while and lay down some more pieces.

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Jigsaw Puzzle #3


So, I finished the third puzzle that came in the box of three, just to find out there are 7 pieces missing and two duplicate pieces.

I was thoroughly disappointed and sent the company a letter. We shall see if they respond.

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Jigsaw Puzzle #2


I finished my second of three jigsaw puzzles this morning. This one was pretty hard to do with all the flowers. But I plugged away at it. 😉

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Eight Day Clock

 Acht daagse klok.

I bought a new (used) clock today. It is called an ‘eight day clock’ and is from the late 1960’s early 1970’s. It chimes on the half hour and on the hour.

The clock has to be wound up about every eight days.

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Jigsaw Puzzles


I have gotten into doing jigsaw puzzles as of late. I finished my first one.

I am enjoying doing them but it is cutting into my time for doing Sudokus. Only so many hours in a day… 🙂

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I took a picture of our dog Bowie this morning and Johan made a hackergotchi of it.

I like the results. 🙂

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