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More Awards for the SP

SP provided the public a means of voting for the best web politician. A jury selected winners of four awards including the best party web site, the best Internet vodcast and the best weblog.

The SP won three of these awards:
Best Party website
Best Internet vodcast
Best weblog


There is just no stopping them!!! 🙂


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Marijnissen Politician of the Year (2006)


Marijnissen politicus van het jaar

Another poll for members of the parliamentary press held by NOS Radio 1 Journaal also places Jan Marijnissen of the SP as politician of the year!!

Reporters call Marijnissen a journalist of the House of Commons seeing the way in which he takes crucial statements politicians make and he gets to the bottom of them.

Special mention is made to the fact that his party gained votes to almost three times its size in the Nov 22 parliamentary elections.

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de Brief

The letter. A video presented by the Socialist Party in the Nov 22 campaign. It is in Dutch and I love this video.

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Best Politician of the Year (2006)


The members of the House of Representatives and ministers voted for the best politician of the year for 2006, as did members of the general public.

In both groups Jan Marijnissen of the Socialist Party won, the majority finding that speaks clearly and honestly. (EenVandaag)

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General Pardon


A vote in the House of Representatives that stops asylum seekers that have been here since and before 2001 from being sent back to their country of origin.

It comes too late for thousands of families, some who have kids that were born and educated in this country. There have been horror stories of those who have been sent back. Some were met at airports and put in jail and some were put in jail in Holland (with their kids) before being sent back because they did not follow proper procedures. Some very sad situations…

The motion put forth by the Labour Party won by one vote – 75 for and 74 against. It only takes one to win. 🙂

The vote ensures discussion be put on the table for a general pardon and in the meantime no persons are to be deported.

A day to celebrate in The Netherlands!!

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The number of members of the Socialist Party in The Netherlands just after the election on Nov 22. They are now well on the way to 51,000.

The SP is now the third largest party in The Netherlands exceeded only by the Christian Democrats (61,000) and the Labour Party (59,000). While those party figures are decreasing, the SP has continued to grow, averaging about 100 new members a week.


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My favourite coalition – the Green Party, the Labour Party and the Socialistic Party. I hope it happens and will keep you informed. 🙂

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